Reme Nicole

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Reme, is a bright, intelligent, and hardworking young woman. She continues to create an impact whilst supporting her clients in the acquisition, sale, and leasing of properties across London. A true trailblazer, who is determined to provide value and a personal service to all whom she interacts with. Keen to grow and evoke change in an industry that lacks diversity and representation, Reme continues to push boundaries, achieving impressive results. Over her social channels, Reme has curated an audience of over 180k followers; an invaluable add of exposure for her clients who require global reach.

BA in Social Policy

Social Policy degree from the University of Nottingham.

Public Speaker

Have spoken to university students at Imperial University, The London School of Economics, and Kings College University. Topics ranged from personal branding to the importance of social media and networking.

Daniel Daggers Academy - Sales Training

The sales training course as part of Daniel Daggers Academy is a highly specialised and practical course that equips agents with the knowledge, expertise, and personals skills necessary to embark in their career in real estate. It adopts a multidimensional approach, covering communicating with clients from around the world, delivering the perfect viewing experience (tailored to the client) and building a portfolio of clients.

Daniel Daggers Academy - The Importance of Digital

As part of Daniel Daggers Academy, Reme has developed an understanding in digital marketing, together with the technical and analytics skills needed to work in a data-driven industry.

Daniel Daggers Academy is the first real estate course in the UK that provides a base qualification in being a real estate advisor. Living in a fully digital world, the course outlines traditional marketing knowledge, combined with social expertise, harnessing trends in mobile, consumer behaviour and learning how different marketing elements can work together as part of an integrated campaign to convert audiences.

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